What is The Bundle Co. – you ask?

Our team here at The Bundle Co. is here to help you become an expert in your favorite topic and achieve your goals. We search the internet high and low to gather a series of courses and ebooks taught by talented professionals and authors. Then, we tie it all up in one perfect bundle and offer it to you at a discounted price with just the click of your mouse.

Want to turn your photography hobby into a career? Passionate about crafting and DIY? Want to fit into those skinny jeans and get glowing skin? No matter the topic you’re interested in, we will have a bundle for you… Scroll down to sign up for our mailing list to find out when we will release our next bundle, a collection of incredible courses available for the short time of just one week at an unbelievable 96% discount.

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    What do our partners think?

    Participating in one of our bundles is an amazing opportunity. This is what our partners think.

    The Bundle Co. has given my work a ton of exposure, which has grown my audience and allowed me to make a great amount of revenue, all while doing very little work on my end. It’s a win-win. The money I have made through these bundles has allowed me to explore the next steps in my career and fund my passions. You simply can’t put a price on a loyal following, and The Bundle Co., has helped me cultivate just that.

    – Pepe Romera

    Pepe Romera

    For a customer, a bundle is like winning the lottery. And as an author, is really benefitial to me too, so I love bundles! I also love that a bundle is such a good deal that after promoting one I always receive a lot of emails to thank me for sharing. I think it’s important for my readers to find value in what I share and to feel that I am always looking after them. This is the only way as a blogger to build trust and have a loyal readership long term. 

    – Esther Roelas

    La Cuinera

    Being a part of this bundle is an amazing opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. I believe that collaborating with other bloggers is the best way to grow my own business and following. There’s space for all of us and whoever may be interested in my content will also be interested in the content of similar bloggers. Participating in something like this allows me to help other bloggers, but at the same time they are all helping me reach their audience too.

    – Maite Gil

    Creative Mindly

    What do our customers think?

    Our customers love us. And we get it! This is what they have to say about us.


    I bought a bundle a few months ago since I was interested in a couple of the courses that it included. It was a great opportunity to get them at such an affordable price. However, at first I was torn on making the purchase, trying to decide if it was worth the money because I knew I wouldn’t use all the material in. Finally I bought it and to my surprise, each course was interesting and I ended up consumed every ounce of information in all of them. Totally worth it!

    I have nothing but amazing things to say about the bundles I’ve purchased. I’ve bought several over the last few years, and they are an opportunity to have access to courses, videos, and resources as an unparalleled price. I’m the kind of person who likes to learn new things and am constantly reinventing myself, so I love that I can fulfill this need through different bundles.

    Before discovered your company, I was constantly buying e-books and online courses for premium prices. I was spending a fortune and not realizing it. Then I discovered The Bundle Co. through Instagram, and couldn’t believe I could get so many quality courses for the price of one. Plus, I love that you only use the best of the best when it comes to the courses and partners you choose. You do the research for me!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    So you don’t have to wait for us to get back to you if you have any questions, here’s the response to the three questions we get the most.

    Each bundle comes at such a good price. How do I know it’s worth it?

    Participating in a bundle gives our partners a lot of visibility and allows their target audience to discover them, which helps them increase their sales and continue with their work. It is a very good opportunity that few bloggers pass up. The fact that we have so many creators interested in participating in our bundles allows us to be very selective and accept only the best of the market. That is why we can offer such a wide range of quality courses.

    How do you choose the courses and e-books of each bundle?

    Many of our partners are very popular bloggers in their field and their courses have already been bought by thousands of people—a clear indicator that they are worthwhile. However, we also love bringing on talented collaborators who are that are less known or have less impact, but just as skilled. Our team works by selecting the best courses so that each bundle has the highest quality. We are aware of new bloggers, new courses and trends, and we review all the contents to ensure that they meet our requirements.

    I’m interested in buying a bundle. How many days will it be for sale?

    The bundles are specific offers that will be on sale for 6 to 10 days depending on the edition. Once that time has passed, that bundle will never be available again. We will offer others in the future, but they will be focused on different topics. So, if you miss the opportunity to buy the bundle, the only way you can get the courses that it contains is to buy them directly from the creators’ respective sites at the original premium price.


    Would you like to multiply the sales of your course or ebook and make yourself known among thousands of potential clients? We have good news for you: Participating in one of our bundles will not only earn you a lot of money in a very short time, but it will generate a lot of publicity for thousands of new people to know your work. Our partners find success participating on a regular basis because they produce impressive results.


    Do you have an online store or interesting product that you want promote to your target audience? Our business model allows your product to be mentioned in hundreds of blogs, exposing you to millions of potential customers. The best part? We won’t charge you a cent for doing it. All you have to do is offer our customers your product and we will take care of the rest. Say goodbye to the stress of publicizing your business on your own!


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