Who are our collaborators?

In addition to the courses in our bundles, we also offer customers extras and bonuses so that the campaign has even more impact. These bonuses come in the form of a free product that further incentivizes our customers to purchase the bundle. They also add a great amount of value to the bundle itself. This way, both our partners and collaborators receive massive exposure.

Why should I participate?


Minimum investment. Promoting a business is a complicated and tedious process. You have to invest in ads, prepare network campaigns, work with influencers, do offline promotion… It all costs a lot of money and doesn’t always guarantee exposure. Working with us eliminates all of these stresses. You will be mentioned in hundreds of blogs and millions of people will get to know you, all without charging you a penny for advertising your product.

Minimal risk. Most advertising campaigns carry a risk. When you run an ad on Facebook that charges per click, you still face the risk of viewers not buying. And, you face the same uncertainty if you pay for influencer advertising or social media sponsorships. With The Bundle Co., however, the risk is minimized. Even in the hypothetical case that not a single bundle is sold, you still would not have invested a single cent. 


Maximum results. Retaining a client is easier than getting a new one. This is because, although advertisements come and go quickly, a product that a customer has already purchased and enjoyed is not an experience that is easily forgotten. If you participate as a collaborator, each bundle customer will receive your product as an extra bonus. Once they try it, we have no doubt they will love it! 

Amazing impact. Word of mouth is one of the most successful forms of advertising because a sincere recommendation is valued higher than any marketing technique. The problem with this is that it is a slow system… And, who wants to wait around for their business to grow?
Collaborating with us allows your product to be tested by thousands of new customers in a matter of days, multiplying your results and allowing your product to go viral.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the questions we normally get from potential partners. However, if you don’t see yours here, you can contact us below.

How can I participate as a collaborator?

All you have to do is provide your product to our bundle customers as a bonus. This product must have a minimum value of $20 and can be digital or physical.

What kinds of products are you looking for in collaborations?

Any product! The options are limitless, ranging from a free monthly software subscription to a physical product..

The more generous your offer, the more exposure your product will have, as more bloggers will mention it and more people will acquire it and talk about it. However, if all your products have a high value, you can offer a discount as a bonus instead of the product as a gift.

Can I charge for shipping costs?

If you offer a physical product, you can charge for shipping as long as it is the amount you normally charge. For example, you can not charge a shipping fee of $9.99 if you normally charge a shipping cost of $2.99.

How do you decide which collaborators to accept?

We like to collaborate with around 6 brands for each bundle. Among them, we choose those whose product we think our customers will like the most.

We take into account things like the image of the brand, its product, the value of what they offer, etc. If you have a great product, contact us and we would love the opportunity to work with you!

How can I join as a collaborator?

Send us a request with your proposal and a small explanation of your business or product. Once we review and evaluate we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Join us as a Collaborator

Offer your product as a bonus in our next bundle and expose your business to thousands of customers.